Why Us

We specialize in making you feel Special

Actually, we just specialize in common sense. We understand the importance of delivering value and results. That translates to money, particularly its speed of return.

We look beyond just the deliverables and launching of the project. We consider the branding, marketing, and future scalability. We care about the phase after the final phase. Do you know what makes us special?

First Come First Serve

We hate unfinished projects. We never take on more projects than we can personally manage. We have had to put clients and projects on the waiting list.  We don't outsource quality.

We Chose this Life

We build our own projects. And we will continue building. We are opening our network to those who in need of IT support.

24/7 Around-the-Clock Support

Literally. We love our work and we totally understand what startup founders go through. Problems are rude; they don't take breaks on weekends and vacations. Hit us up anytime. 


Maverix n’ Matrix

Mavericks online helping to solve problems. 

Mavericks & Matrix. Mavericks in Matrix.

A maverick is someone who thinks and acts independently, refusing to follow the norms or standards set by society, and are typically innovative or progressive in their thinking and actions.




We Inspire Founders & Businesses by discovering what inspires them.

To make ideas real with real ideas.

To be the global leaders as liberators of The Matrix.

What happens when you get a bunch of unsatisfied IT nerds in the same room?

An IT Outsourcing Team that doesn't know any of the sleazy sales tactics.

Our professional backgrounds actually do come from IT outsourcing, but that’s not important. We love building side-projects, and we have found our dream job. When we imagined ourselves with “f*ck you money”, we still found ourselves building projects and hustling.

While working on our own projects, we faced many challenges with outsourcing. We got so fed up, so we committed to opening our  own network to all. 

Our name comes from mavericks which is just a fancy word for nerds and realizing that most people are stuck trying to survive. We were born to live and thrive. Break the cycle. Escape the Matrix.